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On the awakening journey, I see many people posting about loosing friends... It's not so much that you loose friends it's that the Vibrational gap widens if your doing Emotional Inner Work and actually shifting and processing much more than they are. Even if they claim to do inner work they may have way more disassociation and denial of self going on ,and just keep hitting the brick wall and not going through.Therefore the Vibrational gap widen's and unless y
ou keep going back into their reality they can't meet you in yours, as they don't have the Vibrational access codes. How you know your going back into a reality is around them you feel drained and your energy pulled at if you hang around them like you used too... We have never processed emotions and trauma as much as we have in the last 15 years.... and understand reaching out for proffesional assistance to go inward. The other thing that happens is they get annoyed by your positive Joy, Happiness , Abundance,Prosperity Health and Conciousness. In truth if their not doing the deep inner work their much happier being with their vibrational match... and that's not you anymore !

Andrea Foulkes 
Creator - Soul Freedom Therapy . Intuitive Visionary. Past Life Regression Expert.

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